Gutters are an important part of your property. They channel water away from the home and prevent cracks in the foundation and damage to the landscaping.  If you fail to clean your gutters periodically, you’ll see many problems arise. You might see landscaping erosion, rotting fascia, and mildew. Here are the five most common signs you have to watch for. They’ll tell you that it’s definitely time to get your gutters cleaned.

  1. Mildew

Inspect the fascia boards behind the gutters, the shingles and the foundation. If you see mildew or stains, it’s a sure indicator of gutter problems. Cracks in the gutter or debris build-up could prevent rainwater from flowing through the system. The water will find other outlets and end up destroying the home.

  1. Plants Growing out of the Gutters

If you see plants sprouting out of a gutter, you have probably neglected it for a long time. Rainwater and the wind deposit dirt and leaves in your gutters. If you don’t clean them periodically, the organic matter that’s collected inside could support plant growth. So if you see green plants growing out of your gutter, you know it’s time to act.

  1. Sagging Gutters

If a gutter looks like it’s sagging, you have to attend to it immediately. Gutters sag when there is a big collection of leaves, debris, and water. If you don’t have it cleaned out soon, you might have to replace the gutter. Debris build-up will exert stress on the system and ultimately lead to roof and foundation damage.

  1. Preparing for Seasonal Changes

If you’re heading for some wild weather, make sure your gutters are clean so rainwater can flow out in the right direction. Extremely wet weather conditions put a lot of stress on gutter systems. You have to be confident that the gutters can handle the extra load during the wet winter months.

  1. Pests in your Gutters

Pests love hiding in gutters that are full of leaves and debris. It makes for a cosy and hospitable environment. Small pests will attract larger and more dangerous pests, so be on guard.

On a final note, consider cleaning out your gutters if you can’t remember when you last did it. To make sure you protect the interiors and exteriors of your home, have your gutters cleaned four times a year.

House Maintenance in Castle Hill

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