Gyprocking & Plastering Services

Gyprocking & Plastering Repairs

Houseology offers the highest level of workmanship, with cost-effective solutions for all your Commercial and Residential Property Maintenance.


We can repair all your scuffed, marked and damages interior walls and ceilings.  Chips, scratches and large and small holes in walls, can quickly devalue your property. Cornices, skirting boards and architraves can crack and become lose, which if not repaired can become expensive major works. We will repair the damage, then paint, matching wall colour, so your walls and ceilings are restored to their original condition.

External damage to your property can also be repaired by our team, we can render damaged areas of the exterior of your property to maintain  its look and value. Over time motar can become loose and if left will affect the look of your property and result in costly repairs. We can repair and repoint your mortar so your property looks at its best

Our Gyprocking & Plastering Repairs Service Includes

Repairing Cracked & Damaged Walls

Repair Water Damaged Walls

Install Manholes

Colour Match & Painting All Repaired Areas

Repair Cracked & Damaged Ceilings and Cornices

Repairing Small & Large Holes in Walls & Ceilings

Repair Existing Poor Workmanship

Grout & Mortar Repairs

Repair Water Damaged Ceilings

Install Access Panels

Exterior Plastering and Rendering Repairs

and more...

For all you Plastering & Gyprock services in Sydney’s Hill District and North-Western Suburbs, call us now.

The Houseology Property Services Guide

Houseology is proud to offer three dedicated divisions: House Maintenance, Landscaping and Garden Maintenance.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance

Houseology can assist you with all your Property Maintenance, we offer a comprehensive service for residential and commercial clients.

Our team is committed to providing appraisal you can trust. We will work to achieve the maximum outcome for you in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We pride ourselves on our ethical practices, prompt responses, and reliable service. We are an owner operated business, we strive for perfection in everything we do and are proud of the superior service we provide. Houseology is based in the greater Sydney Hills District and Sydney’s North-Western suburbs. For complete Residential & Commercial Property Maintenance Services, contact Houseology today.


House Maintenance

Our home maintenance division will maintain your house so you won’t be up for costly repairs that are easily avoided.


Our company’s landscaping division can turn any space into a beautiful outdoor area.

Garden Maintenance

Our garden maintenance team understand your time is too precious to spend all weekend gardening.

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