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Houseology is a property maintenance company committed to offering expert services. We approach each and every job with dedication, delivering a premium level of care for you, the homeowner.

Our company’s aim is to provide our clients with excellent service from people they can trust. We understand that our clients have worked hard and are proud of the assets they have acquired. Houseology works with you to not only maintain that asset but to ultimately increase its value.

Understanding the Value of Your Home

Houseology is an independent grassroots business, grown from solid foundations and hard work.  Our company founder, Craig Morrison, was born and raised in the Central West of NSW. Having grown up on a farm, Craig spent 35 years building that farm to become a very successful large mixed farming enterprise. This was made possible through good business decisions and a lot of hard work.

A farming life is a challenging life, but one that offers many personal rewards. A lifetime on the land has seen Craig become an expert in problem-solving, experienced with interpersonal relationships, and multi-skilled in practicalities. These foundational skills make Craig a natural in the day to day running of a company. Supporting staff and building relationships, efficient management and organisation, and a commitment to excellent workmanship are all central to the Houseology philosophy.

A Background in Industry

Craig was also actively involved in the community as a volunteer firefighter for more than three decades with the Rural Fire Service. This has given him numerous skills, especially as it relates to fire prevention and risk reduction to properties. Craig was a founding member of the Local Landcare group and was actively involved for more than a decade. During this time, Craig was involved in numerous Landcare activities, which improved soil quality, water quality and the natural habitat in the district. Craig brings his expert hands-on experience to the Houseology team for all things garden maintenance, and in all areas of home repair.

The Houseology Story

After 35 years of farming, Craig and his wife Maryanne decided it was time to start a new chapter of their lives. They were successful landholders and Craig felt he had achieved everything he wanted to as a farmer. Craig, along with Maryanne, decided to move to Sydney to be closer to their son. Not one to sit around, Craig decided to take on another challenge, which was to build a company from the ground up.

Craig felt that he could use both his business skills as well as his practical skills to assist property owners in maintaining their homes to an exceptional standard. Craig felt that through skilled and thorough property maintenance, he could support homeowners to retain a high standard in and around their homes. This would not only enrich their daily enjoyment of the home but add value to the asset they were working so hard to maintain. A business built around this intent was a natural choice for Craig.

A City Based Company with Country Values

Craig has first-hand knowledge of the importance of maintaining a property. He has years of experience owning and operating an enterprise that consisted of large land holdings. In addition to this, Craig also owned several homesteads, all requiring constant evaluation and attention in order to be well maintained and to increase in value.

Our Word Is Our Bond

Craig’s background and strong ties to the country have made Houseology a city-based company with country values. Our standards are high, our dedication to service is second to none, our word is our bond and our pride in what we do is beyond question. We say what we mean and do what we say. We are committed to client satisfaction and are honest, reliable and trustworthy. We develop strong relationships with our clients and go above and beyond to help them get the results they desire.

Whatever Your Needs, Houseology Can Help

Houseology property services have three divisions which comprise of the following:

  • Property maintenance, including home repair services
  • Garden care, from lawns to landscaping.
  • Property management, providing monitoring and management of properties who’s owners are absent

Our comprehensive service range allows our clients to gain assistance in one or all of those areas. Client’s needs are assessed to achieve the maximum benefit to them while remaining cost effective and efficient. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive a level of service that you deserve. Here at Houseology, we treat your property as though it is our own.

For more about property maintenance and garden care services in Castle Hill, Glenhaven, Sydney’s Hills District and North-Western suburbs, contact us today.

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