With summer only a couple of months away now is the perfect time to prepare your home and garden for the warmer months. There are certain areas in the home that require maintenance. Once you attend to these target areas, you’ll avoid expensive repairs and free-up time to entertain guests. Today we’ll look at the top five maintenance tips you need to bear in mind.

  1. Garden Care, Garden Clearing and Re-planting

Having a beautiful garden isn’t just rewarding – it can also increase the value of your home!

Some things for your summer checklist may include repotting and replanting houseplants and hiring a professional to weed the garden. This will help to prepare your garden for the blistering heat of the summer months. Investing in sun shades or finding other areas of indirect sunlight is also a great idea. Now is also the best time to get someone to mow the lawn and water the soil to prepare it for planting.

  1. Hedge and Tree Trimming

While we’re on the subject of gardening, let’s not forget hedge and tree trimming. Large branches can get in the way of power lines, windows, and doors. If you ask professionals to do the job, they’ll trim branches in hard-to-reach areas and this will instantly bring more light into the home.

It’s important to trim hedges so they look neat and tidy. They’ll certainly impress your visitors, too!

  1. Inspecting the Roof

Your roof will have its work cut out for it during the winter, so make sure to give it some attention heading into the summer months. Some areas to focus on include cracked roof shingles, flashing around the plumbing vents and old or deteriorating chimneys.

You will also want to have your gutters cleaned before the summer months, so they don’t block the flow of rainwater. If a gutter is full of leaves and debris, rainwater will flow out of the sides of the gutter and ruin the exteriors of your home.

  1. Pressure Washing the Exteriors

Pressure washing takes care of stubborn stains, dirt, grease and mildew. It makes the home look fresh and appealing for the summer. One area to focus on is your driveway. This will wash away the grease and moss that looks bad and causes accidents.

  1. Deck Cleaning

It’s a good idea to clean your deck before the summer heat bears down on you. If your deck has become a breeding ground for mildew or algae, it will need to be treated with special chemicals. These chemicals get rid of algae and protect the colour of the wood.

Apart from performing these tasks, you have to examine your air-conditioning, repair your fly-screens, and inspect the drainage system.

House Maintenance in Castle hill

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